Vancouver based artist Ari De La Mora is a self taught figurative painter, born raised in Mexico.She holds a degree in Advertising with a specialization in Creative Visualization by the University Of The Communications in Mexico City.

When she moved to Canada she started to collaborate with the Vancouver Art Gallery as a volunteer, then she had the opportunity to become a Tour Liaison with school groups, getting more involved with the process of appreciating and creating art.

Ari began painting as a young woman, a conscious choice that she considers to be a life style.

Her paintings are noticed for the focus on the female figure and the influence of the Mexican custom and folklore, rich color, mysticism, masks and skulls.

Her work has appeared in collective exhibitions in Mexico, United States, Canada and Europe.



I constantly analyze symbols from traditional Mexican handcrafts.  I have always enjoyed melancholic images. I find them mysterious and beautiful in an unconventional way. My work deals with interrelations of identity and personal struggles.

The focus of my work is women, conveying her feelings and communicating the emotional intensity of their experiences.

My intention is to express my culture, my intimacy and vulnerability into paint for someone else to connect to. Paintings are objects you need to be in the same room with in order to sense the energy in their surfaces.

In the narrative of my paintings anyone can be the protagonist, finding our imperfect beauty and the complexity that is to be…a human being.

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