Ari's CV


Vancouver based artist Ari De La Mora is a self taught figurative painter born and raised in Mexico.

Ari holds a degree in Advertising with a specialization in Creative Visualization by the University Of The Communications in Mexico City. After moving to Canada she started to participate with the Vancouver Art Gallery as a Tour Liaison and an art workshop facilitator for families.

Passionate about culture, social anthropology and spaces that promote the connections between Canada, Mexico and the rest of the world, Ari has worked with the Museum Of Anthropology, the City of Vancouver, the Granville Island Cultural Society, University of British Columbia and the General Consulate of Mexico, providing art workshops, seminars and talks mainly about the meaning and history of her culture such as “the day of the dead". In collaboration with The Publishing Eye in 2018 came the release of her book: “The International Day Of The Dead”, a compilation of a three years public art project, created and curated by Ari, hosted in Granville Island from 2015 to 2017.

Fusing undisguised brushstrokes with oils, resins and mixed media rendered in a bright palette, her paintings and murals are provocative and convey a narrative much deeper than the mere appearance of the subject. Ari’s works have been exhibited in group and solo exhibition in Canada, USA and Mexico.She continuously travels back to her motherland to attend workshops with more experienced teachers and to study different ancient art techniques as well as the manipulation of diverse materials, as learning is a process that never ends.

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